Collecting eggs and running freakishly fast is what Otto's bred for. Help Otto get back his freedom in this Odd Adventure!
This 3D infinirunner is releasing soon on steam, click the button below to go to the steam page.

Battle of the BroadSword

Masondogg Studio's premiere release, Botb is a unique fighting game featuring high-risk, high-reward gameplay. Counter enemy attacks and turn the tide of battle with a variety of different stances. Play against the AI or against your friends in Local Versus. Easy to pickup and play, yet difficult to conquer.
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Info on Blockchain Gaming

Gamers were some of the early adopters of cryptocurrencies as they were already familiar with many in-game virtual currency models and saw the benefits of integrating cryptocurrency networks into the domain. The eSports industry is booming, and it is only a matter of time before its rise is meaningfully coupled with cryptocurrency payment systems and decentralized models.
Soon we will exclusively start developing on the Tron Protocol. Follow our progress on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Moddb, Thank you for the support.

Welcome to Masondogg Studios, LLC!

A company created by Gamers for Gamers!

Masondogg Studios, LLC was conceptually founded in 2012 by Mitchell E. Faulkner II. We are located in Atlanta, Georgia and hope to be the new beacon and birthplace of amazing and innovative games.
We just need you to make it happen.

Why Masondogg Studios, LLC


We believe in creating new and innovative content. What happened to the days of being surprised with new methods of interacting with the player by breaking through the fourth wall?


We will not give up we are determined to change the video game industry for the better. We see a systemic problem in the video game industry and we are here and ready to change it. Help us help you.

Self Motivated

Join our movement. Let's change the video game industry together!

Our Games

  • Battle Of The BroadSword.

    Another game in the works from Masondogg Studios, LLC. "Battle of the BroadSword" is a 2.5D Fighting game about warriors fighting to win their biggest wish. BotB is currently in development, follow our blog for more information.

  • Mason Rush.

    Mason Rush puts players in the boots of Mason the dog, a Doberman Rambo hybrid out to save humanity from the greedy video game corporations in the future and their robotic android drones. Created by Mitchell E. Faulkner II Studio Head & Founder of Masondogg Studios, LLC.

  • Otto The Odd Ostrich.

     Released on Steam Sept 19 2017!

  • Tron Protocol Development

     Coming soon.....

Developer Teams

Masondogg Studios, LLC is building a power house for developers to create innovative games without the restrictions, that big corporations place on developers today which produce low quality, high budget games that we are typically seeing today.

  • Team “Pitbull”

    Team "Pitbull" specializes in open ended games. Did you know? Temperament of...

  • Team “Grey Wolf”

    Team "Grey Wolf" specializes in platform shooter games. Did you know? The...

  • Team “Rottweiler”

    Team "Rottweiler" specializes in driving and 3rd or 1st person shooter games, RPG...

  • Team “Poodle”

    Team "Poodle" specializes in fun innovative experimental games which no one in...