Monthly Archives: October 2016

Battle of the BroadSword 10-23-16

Another picture of our redheaded warrior, she's coming along nicely. Next week we'll show some information on other characters, and hopefully have some video or some animations ready to show off soon. We'll let you know as soon as we have some more information available.
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Broadsword Information! 10-18-2016

A little concept art for the silhouette picture we released awhile back. This is one of the characters that are playable in the game, and she seems pretty cool thus far. She is challenging Enyo to save a loved one from certain death. More information coming soon, as always!
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Otto the Ostrich

Masondogg studios is currently working on an action game where you play as an ostrich running around the savanna collecting gem eggs wearing funny hats. More information will be released as soon as we have it!
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