The MASONDOGG STUDIOS, LLC Developers started off strong in 2016 and are still pushing forward. We are looking for talented and professional Indie Game & Blockchain Developers to become Independent Game Developer Contractors with the Company.

If you feel like you would be a great asset to the team please go to the careers page and click the apply button.

Must be at least 18 years old to apply.

We are also looking for new or experienced female developers to help us better understand how to make better games for everyone. The video game industry is very biased towards males which we feel needs to change.


Masondogg Studios, LLC was conceptually founded in 2012 by Mitchell E. Faulkner II.
We are located in Atlanta, Georgia and hope to be the new beacon and birthplace of great games.

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Masondogg Studios, LLC has seen in today's industry that every thing is starting to become cookie cutter. Where are the great game designs of days past? Games such as but not limited to: Chrono Trigger/SNES, Super Mario RPG/SNES, Zelda: A Link To the Past/SNES, Odd World Abes Oddysee/Playstation, Power Stone/Dreamcast, Dragon Ball Z Legends/Playstation (Japan Release), Halo Combact Evolved/XBOX Classic, Metal Gear Solid/PlayStation. And many many more. We feel games have lost their way but we are back and ready to reclaim the throne from the greedy corporations we don't dare say their names but you know who we are talking about, and usher in new and innovative games.

We want to give back creative control to the developers and we will decide which platform to develop for once teams are fully staffed and in place for project start. We are open to all platforms, Mobile, Linux, Micro & Macro Consoles, PC and Blockchain Platforms such as the Tron Protocol etc.

Masondogg Studios Decentralizing Video Games on Tron!

*All games listed above are owned and copyrighted by their respective Developers, Publishers and Corporations. Masondogg Studios, LLC are in no way affiliated with them at all.


Studio Head & Founder


Mitchell E. Faulkner II, was born in Atlanta, GA in 1983. He has always been a hardcore gamer since at the age of 5 years old. Thanks to the support from his parents he was always allowed to play games and have fun.

He took apart his first gaming system the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) at 6 years old. His parents didn't get upset but just said can you put it back together which he did and it was still functional.

From that day on he has always been surrounded by technology and video games. In his young adult life he aspired to be in the IT career field but his heart was always into gaming.

After high school he joined the United States Air Force and was trained in the IT career field professionally. He is a licensed IT professional holding certifications such as Comptia A+, Network +, Security+ and Apple Certified.

Now as an adult he was able to start and fund MASONDOGG STUDIOS, LLC to return back to his roots and gaming passion and usher in a new era of video game development.

You can find Mitchell on xbox live and also steam from time to time if your lucky you might be able to game with him.