Battle of the BroadSword



"As legend holds, should any mortal champion best the accursed Enyo in single combat, great favor shall be bestowed unto her. This is the tale of the warrior who accepted the challenge, and stood before the troublesome war goddess to claim her prize."

Battle of the BroadSword is a fighting game developed by Masondogg Studios about a group of fighters seeking out a war-goddess named Enyo who, if bested in combat, will grant a single wish...

This game contains an arcade mode, a story mode, and online multiplayer! More information will be revealed as development continues!


  1. I look forward to playing this! I am getting a gaming computer because my ohhh so lovely computer is on it’s way out.

  2. I am really looking forward to playing game created by Masondogg. #Masondoggstudios

  3. Nice fake comments, bro.

    • Thanks for your concern, but, we’d have a full page of comments if it was fake. I wouldn’t leave these posts so barren, bro. 😀 ~PR/Marketing Specialist

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