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Otto dashes onto Steam!

This is it. Otto the Odd Ostrich is released on Steam. (Game releases 5PM PST, or 2PM EST 9-19-17) Our casual infini-runner starring an Ostrich with a little bit of fashion sense is now available on Steam. Our first goal as a studio was to release a game on Steam, and, while this is a…
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Otto the Ostrich Progress 3/22/2017-4/05/2017

Hey guys, some more news about Otto! The content below displays our racetrack game engine progress for 3/22/2017 - 4/05/2017 * Added more obstacles * Made space tube larger * Collectibles more appealing * Added delay for popup when you die * Added EULA screen * Added controller freeze popup * Made Otto Idle while…
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Otto Update 2-5-2017

Our most recent additions and changes for Otto the Odd Ostrich!  Track/Arena state changes  test switching between track/arena  Uploaded snake texture  Changed menu color  Changed render distance  Added fog  Changed trackplayer speed  Fixed trackplayer camera position  Painted the terrain  New title uploaded We're working on a video to show you the track in action, and…
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