MDS-Web Information Form

Please go to careers page for specific positions currently open. Example: Programmer, 3D Modeler, Rigging and Weighting, Composing/SFX etc...
We are gamers whats your handle?
*Attention Yahoo email accounts have an issue with the form we have contacted Yahoo but no resolution. If you have a gmail email address or others try those first. Thank you
Examples: Unreal, Unity, Game Maker, ....... * Please give versions as well.
Meaning how do you normally complete your work? What systems have you used or processes in the past and/or programs. Example: Trello and other similar programs.
If more than one you can list them below in more detail.
Please only list NON-Educational or Student Licensed software. Why do we ask this question? Masondogg Studios, LLC currently holds its own commercial art development software licenses for various programs. We would like to know what other software we should look at adding to our collection for our developers when applicable.