Otto the Ostrich Progress 3/22/2017-4/05/2017

Hey guys, some more news about Otto!

The content below displays our racetrack game engine progress for 3/22/2017 - 4/05/2017

* Added more obstacles
* Made space tube larger
* Collectibles more appealing
* Added delay for popup when you die
* Added EULA screen
* Added controller freeze popup
* Made Otto Idle while not moving
* Updated space tube texture
* Added beta watermark
* Added spikes to barriers
* Prefabbed barrier
* Added countdown logic
* Space tube texture
* Imported boot texture
* Speed boot texture
* Added tags to walls for collision
* Added models to track prefabs
* Added an audio clip manager
* Added sound when collecting eggs
* Turned off cheats for Beta
* Fixed cursor not showing up on pause/death
* Added pause functionality and loop manager
* Final score added to gameover
* Wall bouncing added
* Fence collision added
* Added Otto intro video
* Added space tube

And we just started going into closed beta!
You too can join the beta by clicking here!

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