Otto the Odd Ostrich Updates



Sorry we haven't posted anything in awhile, we've been very busy building up Otto as well as the other titles we are working on! Here's what we've been doing since January with Otto!

1/5/2017 - 2/1/2017

  • Fixed the saturation on the wood to match environment
  • New Title
  • Changed the hue color on the menu backgrounds
  • Added the camera lock position on the pause menu
  • Added popup text manager
  • Popup text in the order it is queued
  • Made absorb power-up/game time last longer
  • Ostrich Self Portraits Uploaded to Github
  • Ostrich Portraits added in Unity and animated
  • Changed the color of the BG menus
  • Imported racetrack
  • Setup occlusion culling
  • Updated arena mesh/prefab
  • Made arena work with OC
  • Painted the terrain more
  • Imported temporary snake model
  • Fixed worm currency not being calculated and stored
  • Snakes no longer spawn while paused
  • Imported new Otto model with full Idle animation
  • Cloud sprites uploaded to Github
  • Run smoke FX has been added
  • New animated snake added
  • Cloud sprites uploaded the github
  • Imported new Otto model with full idle animation
  • Events will no longer trigger based on score and time
  • Added event system
  • Re-scaled snakes
  • Snakes now face the direction they are moving
  • Reduced bonus time earned from the egg combos
  • Added popup text that can be scaled
  • Adjusted¬†max spawns for events
  • Playtested events system

The biggest of these changes, the racetrack - will be shown to you in a video or screenshots coming soon.

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