Otto dashes onto Steam!

This is it. Otto the Odd Ostrich is released on Steam.

(Game releases 5PM PST, or 2PM EST 9-19-17)

Our casual infini-runner starring an Ostrich with a little bit of fashion sense is now available on Steam. Our first goal as a studio was to release a game on Steam, and, while this is a casual title aimed towards a younger population, it meets our goals to build something fun, challenging, and with a character that is of our own unique design.

Click HERE to go to Steam and get yourself a copy of Otto the Odd Ostrich. You'll be supporting a group of people trying to make great games, and make sure to check out our Facebook and Twitter for updates and information on our latest projects. We have plenty more in the works!

Thank you guys, without the gamers, there never would be Masondogg Studios.


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